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Our HOA website will provide helpful information on the following Turnberry Isle activities:

  • Architectural Review Documents and Rules Since the inception of Turnberry Isle, The Board of Directors as well as the Aberdeen POA (Property Owners Association) have developed a procedure that all residents must follow to insure our community remains attractive to current and potential residents as well meet required County permitting and building ordinances. When you are contemplating exterior changes to your residence such as a new roof, placing hurricane shutters, installing a propane generator, major landscaping project, building a new lanai or other projects, an ARB(Architectural Review Board) is required. You can download the appropriate application and review documents by following the link to the Aberdeen POA. The ARB has a two-step approval process, one by Turnberry Isle and also The Aberdeen POA.
  • Gate Entry For Residents and Visitors The gate entry system for Turnberry residents and visitors is managed by the Fairway Lakes Drive Association which is made up of representatives of Turnbery Isle, Oxford and Addison Green communities.
    1. The gate system is operated through auto stickers on the resident side
    2. White entry cards that can open the gate on the visitor side
    3. Visitors utilizing the call box and contacting residents with their specific 3 digit code in the box and admitted when a resident presses 9 on their phone.

Each resident receives 5 entry passes consisting of either auto sticker, white card or combination thereof. Additional auto stickers and white cards can be purchased for $15 each.

For questions on the gate entry system please contact either the Board representative for Fairway Lakes Drive or Campbell Management.

  • HOA and Individual Landscaping Responsibilities The Board of Directors with approval of the residents of Tunrberry Isle have developed policy and procedures regarding HOA and individual resident’s responsibilities. These are outlined in the document section of this website. Residents can find them Article V, page 12 in the HOA documents.

As part of the HOA responsibility is lawn cutting and trimming of trees and bushes. Turnberry Isle utilizes TSM to help manage our vast landscaping foot print. The grass is cut and there is a schedule for trimming.

  • Turnberry Isle’s Role in The Fairway Lakes Drive Association Turnberry Isle is part of the Fairway Lakes Drive Association which also includes the Oxford and Addison Green communities. The three communities consist of 349 homes. The Association manages the driveway leading to the gate entry system, the guardhouse, the area immediately after the gate entry system up to the golf course cart path on Fairway Lakes Drive and the community pool area. Fairway Lakes Drive’s activities are funded by a portion of each residents HOA dues. For any questions about Fairway Lakes Drive Association, please contact the Board representative or Campbell Management which is the HOA management company.
  • Trash Pick-Up Schedule Trash pick-up occurs every Wednesday and Saturday. Trash containers should be placed at curbside after 5 pm on the evening prior to pick-up. Paper and Plastic for Recycling is also picked up on Saturday’s and should also be placed at the curb after 5 pm Friday. Additionally, Leaves and branches are picked-up during the Wednesday trash day. These objects should not be placed in front of a residence until Tuesday after 5 pm.
  • Summary of Rules and Regulations (Residents Only)
  • Community Pool The community pool is managed by the Fairway Lakes Drive Association. The pool is open from dawn to dusk. To enter, residents need to utilize their pool key.  In addition, the pool key is required for entry to bathrooms. The pool is cleaned on Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s. Please follow the rules and regulations that allow our pool to operate in a safe manner. Residents are responsible that any guests adhere to pool rules regarding rules and regulations posted at the pool.
  • Campbell Management, HOA Management Company Turnberry Isle has contracted the services of Campbell Management to provide the needed professional services to help the Board of Directors meet the goals of keeping our community the desired place to live in Aberdeen. Turnberry Isle is professionally managed by Lisa Teets of Campbell Management. Lisa can be reached at 561-425-6085
  • Turnberry Isle Role With Aberdeen POA Turnberry Isle is one of 26 communities that make up the Aberdeen community. The Aberdeen POA has some substantial responsibilities relating to landscaping, water development and flow, road ways, relationship with Aberdeen Country Club and a myriad of other activities that make Aberdeen a pleasant and safe place to live. Each community has a representative who participates in Aberdeen POA Board meetings.
  • Notice Of Important HOA Activities Including Roof Power Washing. House Painting, Side Walk Power Washing A part of the HOA responsibility is community wide refreshing of residences.
    • Each residents home is painted every six years
    • Roofs are power washed every other year
    • Side walks are power washed two times per year


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